Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Saturday Post

I don't post on Saturdays. I'm usually too busy, but, the kids decided to wake up early, so here I am! I have some minutes before I have to start getting ready for yoga. Ideally, I should be using this time to get my last assignment for the week done, but I am a little to tired for real thinking right now. I haven't slept well since Tuesday night. Yeah, that was the night before my interview. I know I said I'd post after it, but I was too pooped on Wednesday to post, then blogger was down all Thursday. Friday I heard back about the interview, but then something else got me worrying. I've been up every night wondering "how am I gonna make this work?"

Well, The interview went horribly, I thought. I met each and everyone of the guys questions will an awkward and unintellegent answer. And I was brutally honest. I'm surprised I didn't confess to be the one who "took the cookies from the cookie jar." I told him about my battle with my abrasive nature. I told him I was a "perfectionist." (I could've said "I take pride in my work," but no. I let him know I was anal retentive, without using those words.) I even told the guy I think highly of myself. I don't even remember how I worked that one into the conversation! I left thinking, "this guy probably thinks I'm an egomaniac." When I came in the next day, though, my manager started teasing me and telling me I blew it. Luckily, Sue, my other manager, called and told me the HR guys impression of me. Get this: he liked me. He was impressed by my honesty. He already had heard of me--the cashier like to talk of my legendary meaness--and was surprised I fessed up to my faults without hesitation. Dishonesty had never even crossed my mind, though. (I'm a bad liar, anyway.)

So, he called me yesterday with a job offer. He told me how much I would make a year, and I'll just say this: I was happy. When he had asked me how much I wanted during the interview, I made a huge mistake. I said the very minimum I would work for. How stupid is that? My husband yelled at me for that one. But, I did have an exact number (not the one I said to HR guy) that I wanted. He must be able to read minds, because that is what I got. It's actually the average for a department manager living in Maryland, which is just fine. I was afraid I wasn't going to get the figure I wanted because of my lack of managerial experience. Anyhow, it was all working out great until...

...The daycare I was going to put my boys in got filled up. (!!!!!) Noooooooo! So, I made a frantic call to all the daycares in the area, and the story was the same. All booked up. So, naturally, I started balling my eyes out. I called my husband, blubbering and sobbing, and told him what happened. He said,"we'll figure something out." I guess he called Kindercare and told them our situation. They said they'd get back to us because they have to figure out which room to put Sean in. (He has special needs.) So they are supposed to call back monday. I can't back down from this job. I already work at this place. If I refuse the promotion, or if I ask them to postpone it anymore than I already have, they are going to be very unhappy. I might have to beg my mom to come up and spend a few weeks watching my kids while I wait for some openings.

Well, enough of my sob story. Here's a headless bunny:

Hey, that kind of makes me smile. :-\ Well, almost.

I need to wrap this up. I have yoga this morning, which I do NOT feel like going to. Not only do I have a cold, but I'm bloated. Yuck. And I'm soo tired. My mind was running a mile a minute last night, and I took some unisom to help me fall asleep. BUT...Sean is sick and I woke up to the sound of him coughing his brains out. When he coughs too much, he sometimes vomits. (I know. Gross.) So I was up all night listening to him cough and worrying that he is laying in his own vomit. I kept getting up periodically to check on him. What an awful night.

SOOOO, I got go. I'll post more later. Maybe even a picture of a finished bunny. (As if I have time to knit!)