Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here is my button. If anyone wants it, you can find it to the right of your screen! Please save it and dispay it. I want more friends.

Yay! I have a WIP to Share!

And here it is!

Can you guess what it'll be? Here's a clue: those dangly things on the bottom are legs, and the those pieces that look like thumbs are arms. Give up? It's a bunny! It is from my favorite knitting book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which, if you remember, is the one that I borrowed from the library and fell in love with. I finally bought a copy of my own. Now I can love it forever. (Mwah ha ha) Here's a close up:

The thick yarn is Wool-ease. The thin feathery looking one is a cheap-o target yarn that I bought for a dollar a ball. It's cheap, but super soft. I'm making the bunny for my niece. She's going to be visiting me (with my baby sis) in two weeks! I'm soooooo excited!!!

Other stuff....

Guess what? I have a 1950 Singer Sewing machine. Well, let me back up, first.

Last year, my mom's aunt (my great aunt) died. She collected everything. My mom and dad recently made a trip up to Long Island (where my aunt lived) because the will is finally started to get settled. (Yes, a year after she passed.) So my mom brought a bunch of antiques to my house for safe keeping. I live half way between my great aunt's house (in Long Island) and my parents (Mississippi.) Sooo, I have all this cool stuff in my house, a lot of which my mom's just going to give me. She figures, she'd rather give it to me now, rather leave it in a will. Scary to talk like that, huh? She's young and hardy, though, so I don't think she's going anywhere for a long time.

Well, I'll get right to it...this is my sewing machine!!!!

It's still super filthy, despite the fact that I have already wiped it down once. Ain't it purdy, though? The best thing--it still runs. I just needs some replacement parts and a good, deep cleaning!

My mom also found knitting and crocheting stuff in the house. She didn't bring me back the yarn, but she brought me a tin filled with crochet hooks and a completed doily. Unfortunately, the doily is ancient and falling apart. It was probably made by my great grandmother's. (I told you, my aunt saved everything!) I don't have a picture yet, but I'll post one later.

I also got an old camera out of the deal. It's an Ansco and it uses 620 roll film. It's the type of camera that has the view finder on the top. I'll take a picture of that, too. I plan on ordering film for it. :) I know I can find the film, but will I be able to find someone to develop it for me?

I'm so excited about this stuff, though. I love history and antiques! I plan on passing this stuff down to my kids.

Oh, oh! And I'm not bragging, but I am supposed to get an upright piano from her estate. I used to love that piano. Sometimes she'd let me play it. My parents have no use for it, so they are giving it to me. Again, I will love it forever.

That's all I have for now. Tomorrow I have my interview for the manager position. I'll probably be posting afterward on how well, or how bad, it went. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Aaron's showing me how he throws snowballs. Posted by Picasa

Then he tried to dump snow on my mom, who is the one taking the picture. Posted by Picasa

The next day my dad decided to shovel my drive-way for me. Posted by Picasa

Action shot of my dad chucking snowballs at John and Aaron. Posted by Picasa

Sean...I couldn't get him to stand still for nothing! He did enjoy the snow, though. Posted by Picasa

Me pulling the kids. There wasn't much snow at this point, so pulling the sled was pretty difficult. The next day there ended up being at least a half a foot of snow. Posted by Picasa

Dodging snowballs and the camera. Posted by Picasa

My dad, the red eskimo. Posted by Picasa

John pulling the boys on a sled.  Posted by Picasa

John and I on our anniversary. We went to a Japenese Steakhouse called "Miyako's." I tried Sashimi (raw fish) for the first time. I'm one step closer to moving to Japan! (My sometimes dream.) We then went to the movies. Posted by Picasa

This is me and my new hair cut. The picture is a few weeks old. It was taken on my anniversary, which was February 5th. Posted by Picasa


I've been busy, busy, busy! First of all, the "easy" classes I am taking turned out to be not so easy. For one thing, I have homework--written homework--for my yoga class. Stress management requires a tone of reading, which I am, alas, behind in. English, though, I have kept on top of, perhaps because it is my favorite course. Regardless, this week I have to read several chapters to catch up in Stress Management, I have to write an essay for English, and I have tests in both classes next week. Ugh! And if that is not enough, I have complicated things by pursuing a promotion at work.

At work, I have asked to become a Department Manager at my store. This means I will have to put my kids in daycare and work 45 hours a week. BUT, this also means I would get a salary, opposed to my hourly wage. Right now I'm waiting for the Human Resources guy to get back to me. He has heard of my wishes from my managers, and sometime today he will look over my resume. Really, the job is in the bag. The stress comes from the life change this job will bring. No more naps in the afternoon, or time to blow off housework. And the kids! How will they react to the change?? I know my youngest is thrilled about going to "school," but my oldest has developmental problems. How will he fair? It's a little too late to turn back now, though. My husband and friends say everything will be fine, but this is a major decision for me. Thing is, despite my worries, I really want this job. I like where I work, the pay is good, and there is PLENTY of room for advancement. And the actual position I want will be very challenging. I guess I'm just feeling a little guilty. And frightened. Eh, I'll get over it. :)

I haven't done a whole lot of knitting lately. I've been too stressed and too busy. My parents came up for a week and a half. We had fun, but it is very hard to keep the place straightened when you add two more adults into the mix. The boys had a blast with their grandparents, though. And it snowed. I have some pictures of my dad and Aaron throwing snowballs at each other. I don't have those pics uploaded. Too lazy right now. I will, though. I will.

Speaking of snow, its doing that on and off right now. No really accumulation, but it sure is purdy.

Alright, that's enough gibber-jabbing for now. Next post--pictures!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bad blogger, bad!

Okay. I admit it. I've neglected the blog. I've been oh so tired, though! I haven't even really knit anything lately, 'cept for the red dish cloth. AND school has just started. UGH! I'm taking three classes this semester (I know, I'm a broken record). I just found out my yoga class has homework. The written kind. Still, this should be a cake walk.

Anywho, here is a picture of my little big boy trying to learn to pedal. He doesn't quite understand that you are supposed to alternate feet when pushing the pedals. He keeps saying "It stuck!" I try to help, but get shooed away. Oh well. It's a thankless job.

Today is Sean's IEP meeting. If you don't know what it is, then you are lucky. It's a school thing for children with disabilities. We are going to be discussing his future, as in, where is he going to go next year? Very stressful.


Anyhow, maybe someday I'll get to relax. This is why I chose the classes I did this semester. I need some calm.

Well, that's it for today. I know it wasn't much, but it is all I can offer right now. When I have something more interesting to share, I will! Until then, see ya!