Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Socks!  Posted by Picasa

Finally! Knitting Content!

Alright. It has been a l o o o o ng time since I have posted knitting content. Last time I posted, I was making a baby shrug...which I had to start over--twice. Finally, I gave up. The instructions were way too complicated for me. Broke my heart, too, because I fell in love with the idea of finishing such a pretty little garment. BUT, I moved on. I found a pattern in the archives of Knitty.com called Pomatomus. I didn't have the correct size needles, so I increased the weight of my yarn and decreased the amount of stitches. This worked fine until I started working the instep, which is where the pattern gets a little complicated. Well, I decided to stop the pattern, and just finish the sock in Stockinette stitch. Then I miscalculated and started my decrease too soon. "Eh, no biggy," I thought. "I'll just be careful to make the other one the same and give it to someone with small feet."

I made a fatal error, though. I was stupid. I was not using my brain. I should've known better. I...left my scissors out around my curious three-year-old. What resulted would have killed me if I were actually happy with the sock...

He cut three holes in the bottom. I kept my cool, though, and put him in time out. A ruined sock is my punishment. Shame on me for leaving those scissors out!

Well, I started another sock pattern. This one is called "Snuggly" and I found it in a sock book. It is a ankle sock, and I was very skeptical when I started it. It calls for DK weight yarn paired with size 8 needles. As I was knitting, the sock looked HUGE. Well, I've finished the first one, tried it on, and yes, it is a little loose, but it is soooo comfy! I'm having trouble putting the picture on here, so I'll go to trusty "Hello."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Pics

Here is the view from Chimney Rock:

Here's a church in Asheville:
When we went to Greensboro, Bob and Anne took us to the park there, where we went on a boat tour and a train ride. The train seemed like a good idea until...

Do you know what a little choo choo does when the track is covered in geese? It slows down, but keeps going. I was sure a bird was going to get caught under the wheels and cause a derailment. <Shudder>

While waiting for the boat tour, I took a really neat picture of a dragonfly. Actually, Anne was targeting it first. Here it is, though:

I tried to take pictures while on the boat, but no such luck. They came out blurry. :-( Too bad, to, because we saw a crane and some turtles.

Here is my youngest, reluctantly smiling for the camera:

Here is Sean:

And, here is my kitchen:

How does it look? Would you want to live here? PLEASE! SOMEBODY BUY MY HOUSE!


I know it's been a while. A whole month to be exact. What can I say? I'm really busy right now. We put the house on the market and John has been job hunting. We're biting our nails to the quick as we wait for something to happen. We did get away two weeks ago to help my folks move into their new house in Asheville, NC. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures in Asheville. We went to Chimney Rock instead of hanging around Asheville. I have pictures of Chimney Rock, but we didn't stay long because my oldest was acting up.

Here is the wildlife at Chimney rock:

To the right you will see the fearsome mountain cat. It was a good thing we were in our car when this one emerged from the dark woods!

Then we saw some dragons:

These guys were hanging out by the gift shop.

The view from Chimney Rock was BREATHTAKING! In order to get up to (near the) top of Chimney Rock, there is this elevator carved right into the mountain. I have to admit, I was a little claustrophobic during that part of our little tour. Not only was the elevator crowded, but if it stopped half-way--we were in the mountain! We couldn't just climb to the next floor! Maybe that's just my bit of craziness, though.

As for the heights, those didn't bother me. I was official picture taker--as usual. (I don't even think my parents own a camera anymore.) I got some great pics of the view. I'll post more pictures through "Hello," because blogger has stopped uploading for me. (This happens sometimes.)

The visit with my parents was way too short. Luckily, though, I will be moving to Charlotte or Raleigh soon and will be much, much closer. For the last few years my parents have lived on the coast of Mississippi while I have lived in Maryland. It will be real nice to be living in the same state.

Speaking of people who live in NC, my in-laws, Bob and Anne, live in Greensboro. We'll be closer to them too. We stopped by on the way back from my parents place. We spent two days with them, and I bet they couldn't wait until I left. Boy was I cranky! I took some good pictures there, though. I'll post those, as well.

Our house has been viewed a total of seven times in the last three weeks. OMIGOD, we gotta sell this house! Ugh!

Well, gotta go.