Friday, July 07, 2006

HAPPY FOURTH!!! Posted by Picasa
I am back from my mini holiday! What did I bring back with me? Pictures!!! I apologize, though, because they are mostly of my boys.

This past week was spent at my husband's Aunt Kate's rental on Smith Mountain Lake. There were a lot of us there--twelve adults and two children. (!!!) Kate rented a party boat for the week, and every day that we were there, my husband, my kids, and me spent hours on the boat and in the lake. My boys loved the boat, but wouldn't get in the water. (They're still little, so it wasn't a big deal.) I, on the other hand, took full advantage of the lake and spent so much time in the water, I think I've grown gills!

This picture was taken on the way down to SML. It's the Blue Ridge Pkwy, which, may I add, is the MOST beautiful route I have ever taken. If ever you travel down this way, take this parkway and you will LOVE it!

This is the view from Kate's balcony:

Here's my littlest ham. Most of the pictures I have are of him. He thinks he's so cute!

And here he is again...

Here's the boys and me.

Here's my oldest: