Monday, October 31, 2005


...Which has nothing to do with this post. (That will come later when I have the kiddies dressed to scare!) No, no. This post is about vintage knitting needles. I bought some. Six pairs to be exact. My friend, Sue, brought them into work yesterday wondering if Shon or I wanted to buy some. Her mother is a bit of an antique dealer and had a whole box of old knitting needles. Of course, Shon and I bought some. She bought three. (I think I got all the good ones!) Anyhow, the pictures don't quite do them justice. Three of them are aluminum, and the other three are made out of some flexible plastic I have only seen in antique stores. The makers of the needles are Hero, Bernat, Boyle, and Susan Bates. I'm sorry the pictures aren't super crisp. Like I said before, I WILL be getting a new camera for Christmas! (This one is literally falling apart.)

Also, later on today (or tomorrow) I'll post pictures of the boys. I'm making their halloween costumes! My youngest is going to be a mummy, and the oldest will be a black cat. I'm pretty excited!

Oh, oh, oh, oh! I bought some new knives on Saturday and I am soooooo excited about them! I got the Calphalon "Katana" block set, plus a Nakiri. They are beautiful! They are called "Katana" because they are made of VG Japanese steel which is folded and forged just like a katana sword. (Did I mention I work at Bed Bath & Beyond?) The picture below is of the really cool-looking Nakiri. It looks like what would result from the mating of a cleaver and a Santuko. The grain on the blade, which looks like wood grain, is actually the steel's folds. No two knives have the same designs. (When I first saw it, I thought it was a design etched into the blade, but I was wrong.) I like to think of the grain as a fingerprint. (Yes, I really love these knives. That's all I've been talking about at home and at work!)

Alright. I've bored you enough...I'll bore you some more later!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Finally I am able to upload my photos! So, here is the tiny hat, side view and front. I decided to put some ear flaps on it. We'll see if it works out. (Look at that noggin!)
Well, I finished that hat. A few days ago, actually. I'm embarrassed to note, though, that the hat is still. Too. Small. (Ugh.) My boys are fat-headed. Okay, it isn't entirely their fault. I measured Aaron's head wrong. I should've measured him from forehead to the top of the back of his neck. Instead, I measured from forehead to the back of his head, which would be fine if I were making a skull cap. I tried to post a picture in this message, but for some reason I keep getting error messages, so I'll have to use the "hello" program to add it in.

So, what else? Not much. I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent a bundle. I really think I have some sort of defect that it is causing me to over-spend. Really. Anyhow, it was nice to get out. I'm always stuck at home.

Guess what? October is almost over!! Next comes Thanksgiving and I can not wait! I'm going down to see my father-in-law, Bob, and my step mother-in-law, Anne. (And my bro-in-law, Tim, and my sis-in-law, Megan.) My husband and I have absolutely no family nearby, so I always look forward to visiting them during the holidays!!

Also, Halloween is in just a few days. I was going to dress my boys up in some store-bought Spongebob and Patrick costumes, but realizing I've waited way too long to buy them, I probably won't find them. Sooooo, I decided to make their costumes myself. One will be a mummy, the other will be either a cat or a devil. Of course, I'll take pictures. This will be their first time trick-or-treating! I'm so excited!

Oh, I wanted to mention I made this recipe I found on the food network website. Chicken and dumplings...Be fore-warned: this is a long and involved recipe. But it was worth it. (Why am I telling you this? Because I want you all to think I am a fabulous domestic goddess!)

Have a good day, all!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday morning...

I've been sick. I think I mentioned last week that the boys were sick. Well, it finally caught up to me last week. I had a cold, which was annoying, but was not as bad as the backache that accompanied it. I spent a few days doing nothing. I think I deserved it. I feel 100% now, so back to the ole grind. What's on today's agenda? Laundry, laundry, laundry! I am so behind that it is down right embarrassing! I have so many clothes to wash, in fact, that I know unless I poof up two additional washing machines, I'll never finish! I like to compare it to painting a suspension bridge: by the time you finish, you have to start all over again. (If the analogy is lost on you guys, I apologize. If you'd like, I'll reference Sisyphus [of Greek mythology] and his endless task of pushing the boulder up a hill...c'mon, you know that one, right?) Anyhow, you get the picture. I'll never finish. I just don't understand how I have so many dirty clothes! There are four of us, and my husband pretty much has the wardrobe of a hobo, so where does all the laundry come from???? I'd post a picture of my mountains o'filthy laundry, but as I said, it is embarrassing. So instead, let us focus on the happy. Take a gander at my current project...
It is a hat! I'm dabbling in some Fair Isle knitting and...I L O V E I T ! ! ! This is my own design. After I complete it I will write up my first pattern and first chart. I could say this is my first attempt at Fair Isle, but a few days ago I made this same exact hat, only I made a ton of mistakes. So I frogged it. This time, with a little more planning, it is turning out exactly how I want. Hopefully it will be the right size for my toddler's head. The first one was too small, which was the main reason I tore it apart. No harm, no foul, though, as this hat is a pretty quick knit. I'm almost finished. Maybe I will finish both winter sets before it gets too cold.
Incidentally, it is getting chillier out. This entire week will be cool with highs in the lower to mid fifties. (You've gotta love that Mid-Atlantic Autumn!) But, I digress...

I would also like to report that I finished the first set of mittens. I'm not entirely happy with them. The next set will probably be better. The problem with this pair is sizing. Not only is one slightly smaller than the other, but they are extremely snug on my son's hands. The thumb is also too shallow. I considered ripping it apart and starting over, but since the color changes are in blocks, I wouldn't get a continuous strand of yarn, which I want to avoid. SOOOO, if I have enough yarn in these colors after I complete the hat and the scarf, I'll make new mittens. Until then, he'll just have to deal with it! Below is a picture of the finished mittens, accompanied by the nearly completed hat.

So, in case you guys were wondering, no, I have not started any sweater, nor have I picked a pattern yet. I feel it is best if I finished the winter sets first. I have to be strict--one project at a time! I'm terrible about taking on more projects than I can handle.

I thought I would give you guys a little update on the purse I recently finished. I'm using it. I thought I'd be selfish and keep it. It works great (it is the perfect size) and since it is felted, I didn't need to line it. I loved making the purse, so I'm sure I'll make more!

As I'm surfing other knitter's blogs, I've realized I haven't completed nearly enough projects! I was going to get a flickr account to display my FOs, but I don't have many! I have a ton of plain scarves, but that is about it. I need to get crackin', so I'll end this extremely long blog now. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Afterglow...

Well, I'm in search of my next project. I'm thinking of tackling a sweater, but on a smaller level...Say, like for my son's. I still have to finish their winter sets, but since I already know how to knit mittens and scarves, that project seems a little boring.

I'm using my purse now, although I think I see it through a "mother's" eyes, i.e. I would've found it to be beautiful no matter what. My friends weren't all that enthusiastic about my first felting. Oh well! I think it is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


My first felting is complete! I took the pattern I found in Better Homes and Gardens Knit It! and added my own touch, the light pink pocket on the front. To make the pocket, I found an old wool sweater that was no longer wearable, washed it along with the purse. Afterwards, I cut out the pocket shape and stitched a flower on the front. This being my first felting, I didn't realize the flower was going to shrink, but I still like the outcome! (Below is a side view.) Actually, I love the outcome. This is the first item I have made solely for myself, and, dammit, it feels good to be selfish! Alright...I'll probably end up making one for my sister... BTW, the book I'm using to shape it is the Bedford Introduction to Drama. What a HUGE book.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Almost Finished!!!

Today is an exciting day for me! I only have to make two handles and then...FELTING TIME!! This is my first felting, so I'm sure you can understand how special it is for me. The bag is kinda ugly right now, as you can see, but hopefully when it tightens up it will be BEAUTIFUL.

Of course, this would have been done yesterday if it weren't for the fact that I was dog tired and fell asleep on the couch. Also, I had homework I needed to do for the "Intro to Theater" class I'm taking. Fortunately, I finished my homework this morning and I have practically all day to knit. (Yippee!)

I gotta go...the boys got into the baby wipes...again.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Geisha Girl!

Yep. I just can't stay away from those damn quizzes! This one has to do with halloween costumes.

You Are A....Dragon Geisha!-relaxed

What's Your Halloween Costume? .:with pics:.
brought to you by

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Colorfest...I almost went

I thought I'd be posting pictures from the great Colorfest in Thurmont, MD today, but, alas, my friend, Shon, and I did not go. I would have braved the torrential down pours, but she decided against going. Of course, I could not go myself. It would not be as exciting alone. Plus, I really didn't want to get drenched. It is a good thing I didn't go, because my oldest boy, Sean, got so sick he had trouble breathing, so I had to take him to the acute care clinic yesterday afternoon. The doc says he has an upper respiratory infection, and gave me three prescriptions for the boy. He still had a rough night.

Yesterday, instead of going to Colorfest, I stopped off at Michaels. Actually, I was going to Borders Books, but decided to pop in at the craft store, seeing as they are right next to each other. I ended up spending all my money at the craft store. I never made it to Borders...Oh well. Next time! I didn't even pick up a lot. I was only allowed to spend the money in my wallet, which was $25. I bought some scissors, a thing of ribbon, some fabric swatches, a pin cushion, two books for the boys, and two Spongebob candy dispensers. Oh, and some fabric paint, a spool of thread and a pack of dowels (for creating my own knitting needles.) Not a lot, right? The stuff I bought is going to help me line some purses, and maybe make a knitting needle holder (or two.) I know, I'm probably spreading myself thin, but I vowed to finish the felted bag before all other projects, and I will! (I promise!) I've actually gotten very far on it, but haven't been able to sit down and seriously knit this weekend. I will, though, once I end this post. Which is now.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


...And now I am listed on the "Bad Girls Who Knit" webring! If only you knew how bad I am...

First off, I've been knitting--I promise--although my progress seems minimal on my felted bag project. Maybe it's just the picture. In real life it is quite large. Unfortunately, though, I measured it this morning to find I still have 4 1/2 inches to go until the next step, which is adding the ruffle at the top. Then comes the handles. I guess I really don't have that far to go...

"Lost" was on last night, and it was gooood. I'm not usually the "band-wagon" type, but I hopped aboard at the very beginning. I usually knit when I am watching TV with only two exceptions: Lost, and Desperate Housewives. Desperate Housewives has left me just a teensy bit disappointed. It needs to get juicier, and fast! It's still amazing, but it just lacks that special something it had last season. Lost, on the other hand, is still wonderfully suspenseful.

I've been in a bit of a cleaning mood lately, so I decided to mop the floor. (Not that I only do it once in a blue moon!) To make maneuvering easier, I put a chair on the table. I turned around and my oldest cat was standing on it, trying to reach the ceiling fan. As I ran to get my camera to catch the acrobatics, he decided it was too much trouble and flopped down on the chair. I still took a pretty good picture of him, though. He was extremely needy at the time and wanted me to pet him, hence the "come hither" look in his eyes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

By The Way...

If self-esteem were stock, mine just plummeted. This is me. Acrylic.

You are Acrylic.
You are Acrylic.
While you are very versatile, your plasticky
countenance can be offputting. You are very
good with children but can become a pill if
left alone with them too long. You are very
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What kind of yarn are you?
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Kids and Kitties

My cats (the black one is Lily, and the grey one is Loki)...They always beat me at the staring game. This is a good pic of them, though. (The little one is a trouble maker!)

Speaking of trouble makers...

My boys...Doing what they always do...Making a mess and acting like circus freaks. Currently, they are trying to remove the slip cover the hard way. Blurry pic, but you get the picture. This is what they do while I am on the computer. That and dump cereal on the kitchen floor. And fight. (I wish I had girls.)

As for knitting, I'm still chipping away at that handbag I'm working on. I did learn something new the other day while watching "Knitty Gritty." Continental Knitting. I thought it was only for lefties. It's great for those who started crocheting first. It feels the same in the hands! (Thought I'd share...)

I wish I had more to report on the knitting front. I'm still a bit of novice, in that I haven't completed many projects. I have noticed, though, that I'm becoming more skilled, despite my lack of speed. We'll see. I'm excited about this bag, and I'm going to stick to it until I'm done, putting all other projects on hold! (Yeah, whatever. That's what I said about the boy's winter sets.)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Foggy Morn'

Ahh...This was the view from my kitchen this morning. It isn't as impressive in two dimensions, but there was a thick layer of fog covering the field behind my house. If only there wasn't a major highway between us, disrupting the peace...(The trees hide almost hide it in this shot.)

Hmm...Knitting...Well, I took a break from the mitten project to do something I have never done before--felting. I'm in the process of knitting a purse out of Pattons brand wool in olive green. After I knit, I will felt--for the first time. I'm a little excited, but I have a ways to go, as illustrated. (See picture to the left.) This is also the first time I am using circular needles, which, so far, I have grown found of!

Knitting is popular. You knew that already, right? I did, too. Nonetheless, I was still surprised at how crowded A.C. Moore was on Saturday when I went to buy some new needles. They were having a "knitting party," and all yarn and needles were 25% off. The place was so packed with women--and men--of all ages. It was actually very irritating, as I had to climb over people to get to what I needed...Oh, and I spent a ton of money, even though I only went there for some needles. I couldn't help myself, though. There were balls of Cashmere Aran Yarn for four dollars a ball...