Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Foggy Morn'

Ahh...This was the view from my kitchen this morning. It isn't as impressive in two dimensions, but there was a thick layer of fog covering the field behind my house. If only there wasn't a major highway between us, disrupting the peace...(The trees hide almost hide it in this shot.)

Hmm...Knitting...Well, I took a break from the mitten project to do something I have never done before--felting. I'm in the process of knitting a purse out of Pattons brand wool in olive green. After I knit, I will felt--for the first time. I'm a little excited, but I have a ways to go, as illustrated. (See picture to the left.) This is also the first time I am using circular needles, which, so far, I have grown found of!

Knitting is popular. You knew that already, right? I did, too. Nonetheless, I was still surprised at how crowded A.C. Moore was on Saturday when I went to buy some new needles. They were having a "knitting party," and all yarn and needles were 25% off. The place was so packed with women--and men--of all ages. It was actually very irritating, as I had to climb over people to get to what I needed...Oh, and I spent a ton of money, even though I only went there for some needles. I couldn't help myself, though. There were balls of Cashmere Aran Yarn for four dollars a ball...

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