Sunday, October 09, 2005

Colorfest...I almost went

I thought I'd be posting pictures from the great Colorfest in Thurmont, MD today, but, alas, my friend, Shon, and I did not go. I would have braved the torrential down pours, but she decided against going. Of course, I could not go myself. It would not be as exciting alone. Plus, I really didn't want to get drenched. It is a good thing I didn't go, because my oldest boy, Sean, got so sick he had trouble breathing, so I had to take him to the acute care clinic yesterday afternoon. The doc says he has an upper respiratory infection, and gave me three prescriptions for the boy. He still had a rough night.

Yesterday, instead of going to Colorfest, I stopped off at Michaels. Actually, I was going to Borders Books, but decided to pop in at the craft store, seeing as they are right next to each other. I ended up spending all my money at the craft store. I never made it to Borders...Oh well. Next time! I didn't even pick up a lot. I was only allowed to spend the money in my wallet, which was $25. I bought some scissors, a thing of ribbon, some fabric swatches, a pin cushion, two books for the boys, and two Spongebob candy dispensers. Oh, and some fabric paint, a spool of thread and a pack of dowels (for creating my own knitting needles.) Not a lot, right? The stuff I bought is going to help me line some purses, and maybe make a knitting needle holder (or two.) I know, I'm probably spreading myself thin, but I vowed to finish the felted bag before all other projects, and I will! (I promise!) I've actually gotten very far on it, but haven't been able to sit down and seriously knit this weekend. I will, though, once I end this post. Which is now.

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