Saturday, October 15, 2005


My first felting is complete! I took the pattern I found in Better Homes and Gardens Knit It! and added my own touch, the light pink pocket on the front. To make the pocket, I found an old wool sweater that was no longer wearable, washed it along with the purse. Afterwards, I cut out the pocket shape and stitched a flower on the front. This being my first felting, I didn't realize the flower was going to shrink, but I still like the outcome! (Below is a side view.) Actually, I love the outcome. This is the first item I have made solely for myself, and, dammit, it feels good to be selfish! Alright...I'll probably end up making one for my sister... BTW, the book I'm using to shape it is the Bedford Introduction to Drama. What a HUGE book.


darrylant said...
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aurora said...

That looks so gorgeous! I reckon that the flower looks a bit like a starfish :-) As a GOOD thing, not a bad one!

What will you use it for?

Jenn said...

I *love* your pocket! That looks so awesome with the side stitching. Love it love it love it!