Monday, October 31, 2005


...Which has nothing to do with this post. (That will come later when I have the kiddies dressed to scare!) No, no. This post is about vintage knitting needles. I bought some. Six pairs to be exact. My friend, Sue, brought them into work yesterday wondering if Shon or I wanted to buy some. Her mother is a bit of an antique dealer and had a whole box of old knitting needles. Of course, Shon and I bought some. She bought three. (I think I got all the good ones!) Anyhow, the pictures don't quite do them justice. Three of them are aluminum, and the other three are made out of some flexible plastic I have only seen in antique stores. The makers of the needles are Hero, Bernat, Boyle, and Susan Bates. I'm sorry the pictures aren't super crisp. Like I said before, I WILL be getting a new camera for Christmas! (This one is literally falling apart.)

Also, later on today (or tomorrow) I'll post pictures of the boys. I'm making their halloween costumes! My youngest is going to be a mummy, and the oldest will be a black cat. I'm pretty excited!

Oh, oh, oh, oh! I bought some new knives on Saturday and I am soooooo excited about them! I got the Calphalon "Katana" block set, plus a Nakiri. They are beautiful! They are called "Katana" because they are made of VG Japanese steel which is folded and forged just like a katana sword. (Did I mention I work at Bed Bath & Beyond?) The picture below is of the really cool-looking Nakiri. It looks like what would result from the mating of a cleaver and a Santuko. The grain on the blade, which looks like wood grain, is actually the steel's folds. No two knives have the same designs. (When I first saw it, I thought it was a design etched into the blade, but I was wrong.) I like to think of the grain as a fingerprint. (Yes, I really love these knives. That's all I've been talking about at home and at work!)

Alright. I've bored you enough...I'll bore you some more later!

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Jenn said...

I *love* that Knit Count! How cute! I cruise the flea market every month looking for old knitting stuff and I found a pair of needles that have the same type tip as your Boyes except they are 6 and 7s. And I love your Japanese knife... maybe I should look into getting a job at a BBB too...except I'd end up spending all my checks there... :)