Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Some Changes Were Needed

Alright, a few changes (updates, if you will) have been made to my blog. First of all, I added a section for blogs I read. I don't know the etiquette for linking to others...so I just put up the ones I frequently check. (If I've broken some unwritten blogger rule, let me know!) Also, I added a section for non-blog links I visit. Lastly, I added a link to my flickr account. I finally have a gallery of FO's for your viewing pleasure!

That's all for now!

We have a lot to cover...

...So listen up! I have a ton of stuff to share. First and foremost, Shon's gift. It's a needle roll! Here is it in all it's rolled glory (Left.) And here it is unrolled (right.)

And (below) is the removable strap I attached for stitch markers, which I included. (I assembled them myself.) Cool, huh? And, below, I used some iridescent puff paint to make "pearls" on the dots around the flowers.

So, there it is. Next, knitting.

I've been busy at the needles. I finished the hat I was knitting. I decided to put ear flaps on it, but I don't really like the way they look on me. It's a pretty hat, though. Here's a close up (below.)

I've also been working on wrist warmers for moi. Again, I found the pattern in "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." I borrowed the book from the library, but I think I'm going to go ahead and buy it, as I also plan to make the stuffed bunny from it. (Among many other things that caught my eye in the book.) Anyhow, here is one wrist warmer. It's almost done. (Below)

I'm also working on a poncho for my niece, Lucy. I found some beautiful and very, very soft yarn from Jo-ann's Fabrics. It's their own brand, Sensations, in "Angel Hair." They were having a sale on it. It's not often a yarn actually inspires a project for me, but when I saw this stuff, I thought "toddler poncho." So that's what I'm making. Here is the first half of it (right,) almost finished. (My fingers move like lightening!)

And here is a close up of that yarn. (Below)

You see, I told you I had a lot to share. That's it in the way of pictures, though. I did take a picture of my injured arm. Yeah, I got a boo-boo. The cat (the big one, Loki), decided to jump on the safety gate as I was opening it and jumped right on my arm. Then he freaked out (because of the wobble open gate under my arm,) and tore my arm open. Okay, okay. It's just a scratch, but it hurt like hell!

Christmas was good! I didn't get everything I expected, but I've been married for almost seven years and have come to realize that he will never put as much thought into my gifts as I have into his. This is just natural law. If you want your spouse to get you something, you have to give them specifics. You have to write EXACTLY what you want, otherwise, you aren't getting it. So, I pretty much knew what some of my presents were. I asked for, and received, the new Fiona Apple CD, a yoga mat, "Light Blue" perfume, a foot care kit (to use so I don't embarrass myself during yoga with nasty, callousy feet) and a battery recharger for my camera, which, if you remember, was supposed to be one of my x-mas gifts. Before he went shopping--two days before Christmas--he asked for a detailed list. There was no improvisation during his shopping spree. Therefore, no surprise. As usual. I, on the other hand, had no list. Whenever I asked what he wanted, he said, "I dunno." I had to guess at what to get him. I did pretty damn well, too.

Christmas dinner is another story. He bragged to his family about how he was going to "make Christmas dinner." He put the ham in the oven and mashed some taters. The rest was all me. I made two pumpkin pies, an apple pie, sweet potato casserole with a pecan crust, and a broccoli bake. He spent maybe ten minutes in the kitchen. I spent two days. (I also made cookies for that fat cat, Santa.) I can't gripe too much, though. I like cooking and baking. I also like getting credit, though!

Well, kiddies, that's enough for me. I have one last picture to post. It was Christmas afternoon, and Aaron was pooped. He decided he wanted to keep his cars neatly in their package. He's only 2 and already a little OCD! (More on his "quirks" another time.)

Happy Holidays, all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Some Christmas Gifts

I still can't post Shon's gift, because I haven't given it to her yet, but her are some little gifts I gave to my some of my other friends. I made the earrings myself (but not the beads. I bought those.)

And I made little pouches just big enough to hold those earrings.

It's not much, but I'm sure they weren't expecting anything at all. As for Shon's, well, it's pretty damn impressive. You'll see.

On the needles, I'm working on a hat. For me. I'm making it out of this really pretty purple wool. Here is my progress so far. (I'm almost done, actually.)

I found the pattern, called Kim's Hats, in "Last Minute Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson.

Really, the pattern isn't necessary. Hats are pretty simple. The book is pretty cool. There are some cute stuffed animals in it I would like to make for my boys, and my niece, Lucy.

BTW, I plan on making some gloves out of this yarn, too. My current hat/glove set is a really bulky yucky knit set I bought from Kmart a few years back in a moment of desperation. My husband and I were visiting his family in Upstate New York (near Canada) and there was a huge snow storm--during Thanksgiving. It probably wasn't huge to them, but I was totally unprepared for that much snow! So I'm still using that set (when I absolutely have to), but, as I discovered yesterday, the hat leaves indentations on my forehead. I noticed this as soon as I got to work. For several minutes I had to face customers and co-workers with a striped forehead. I think I'll brave the elements hatless until I finish this wool one.

Well, that's all for now. Just waiting for Christmas to be over. OH! Before I forget, I went to see "Just Friends" at the theater on Saturday and I can't believe it has done bad. It was hilarious! Shon and I were rolling in our seats! So, I thought I'd recommend it, seeing as it has gotten a bad rap from the critics (or so my husband says.) Next on my movie list: "Memoirs of a Geisha." I read this book over Thanksgiving so I would be ready for the movie! (I hate seeing the movie first, then reading the book.) Yay! I can't wait to go! Right now I'm reading "Geisha, A life" by Mineko Iwasaki. Although I loved "Memoirs of a Geisha," I was put off by the fact it was written by an American man. This current one I'm reading is a biography by a former Geisha, so we'll see how this one goes! I'm very interested in everything Eastern. Some might call me obsessed. Anyhow, afterwards I'm going to read "Confucius Lives Next Door" by T.R. Reid. It's about an American who moves his family to Japan when his job transfers him. The book deals with the cultural differences between the Japanese and Americans. It is my dream to someday visit Japan. (And China. I love China!) Someday...

Alright. That is it for today. (I promise.)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pretty, huh? Posted by Picasa

Flowered Baby Hat...Done!

Alright. I finished the flowered baby hat I was making for my little Kennedy. Here it is. (Sorry about the blurry image.)

And here is the scarf:

And...I made something for my friend, Shon, for Christmas. But I can't post it yet. It's a surprise, and she sometimes visits my blog, so I'll post it after Christmas. I made it myself, though. (That's all I'm going to tell you.)

Tonight I'm going to the movies! (Hooray!) We (my husband and I) got a babysitter and we're going to see "King Kong" with another couple.

Well, gotta clean. I'll post more later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Winter Break!!!!!

Well, I handed in my last assignment for Intro to Theater, and I have my last Aerobics class on Saturday. Now I have unlimited time to spend on knitting and finishing my Christmas presents.

I'm making something nice for my friend, Shon. I can't say what it is, because she occasionally visits this blog, and I don't want to ruin the surprise. I can say, it's going to be nice.

As for knitting, I feverishly clicked away with the needles this morning to finish my son's winter hat. Then I quickly weaved the loose ends in and stuffed it on his head before sending him off to school. I'd post a picture, but he is at school. Also, I wanted to add a pompom to the top. Next year, I'm goint to start--and finish--the winter projects before winter. This morning it was in the single digits here, and my poor boy only has a scarf and a hat. I have yet to get to the mittens.

On my needles now, though, is a hat for my friend's, little girl, Kennedy. Since it's a toddler hat, and the needles and yarn are big, this should be finished by this evening. Here is a picture of the beginning of the hat:

The hat's made in Paton's "Twister." The yarn is very thick and warm! It's not something I would've chosen, but now that I'm knitting with it, I really like the way it feels.

I already made the scarf for Kennedy, but plan on putting some tassels at the ends. When I'm done with both, I'll post a picture! (Plus, I'll post one of Sean's finished winter set.)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One scarf down...

...Four more to go...

My list of "Things to Knit" is ever-growing. I just finished Sean's scarf (left.) To the right and below you'll find some detail shots. This scarf took a while because I didn't seriously work on it until I realized it's getting pretty cold out there. (We had snow on Monday.) I haven't blocked the scarf, and I think I'm just going to toss it in the washer. It doesn't need to be perfect. (It's going on a kid, right?)

As for the other scarves, I still need to make Aaron's, and I just promised my friend, Danette, that I would knit her baby girl a scarf and hat. Why would I take on yet another project? It'll be super quick. Not only is it for a baby, but the yarn she chose is extra chunky. Here's a picture of it.

It's nice to be knitting for a little girl, though. The boy's scarves are so...Boring.

As for what's going on around here, we put up our x-mas tree...But the cats and the boys have been systematically knocking down ornaments. It looks a little sad, right now. The cats like to climb up and sit on the branches, which bends them b/c it is a faux tree. (Next year I'm getting a really one, dammit!) Here's a picture. Enjoy.

(I swear there were more ornaments on it at one time...Oh, tenenbaum, oh tenenbaum, how lovely are your branches...)

Friday, December 02, 2005

This are the pouches I received with my stitch markers. (Pretty, huh?) Posted by Picasa

My new stitch markers from China! (See previous post for link to online store.) Posted by Picasa

Peek-a-boo! Posted by Picasa

Random pix: A gloomy day through the trees. Posted by Picasa

Random pix: Some apples in my kitchen. (One is very ripe.) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Final Farewell

The internal conflict going on in my heart is almost too much to bare. Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I losing an old friend, or is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship? I don't know. All I know is my camera arrived this afternoon. My Olympus' journey has come to an end. First, his replacement:

This is Finepix. We are just now getting acquainted. I don't know much about him, and I have a feeling he could care less about me, considering he hasn't taken many clear pictures yet. He's so much more complex than Olympus. He's temperamental in a way that I have never known a camera. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough to handle him just yet. I have a feeling, though, that this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We just have to get better acquainted.

Olympus...What can I say about you? You were my first good camera. You were my first digital. We took a lot of nice pictures together. Hey, in your day you were the best! The top of the line...But you've gotten old, and a little broken. Yes, I know it's my fault! I know I dropped you one to many times! I know I let little hands get a hold of you. For that I am deeply sorry. Don't think of this as goodbye, though. I'll always keep you in a special part of my closet. So now, dear Olympus, it is time to rest. You have had a long life, and you deserve it. In your honor, we (Finepix and I) have taken your picture for the first time, and, for the last...

Goodbye, old friend.

In Memoriam,

Olympus D-510

December 2001-December 2005

A view from one of Kate's deck. Smith Mountain, and Smith Mountain Lake. Posted by Picasa

Some Thanksgiving Pictures

I've been holding off on posting b/c I'm waiting for my in-laws to e-mail me some of their pictures from last week, but here is what little I took pictures of with my broken camera:

(Above) Here's Aaron showing me a leaf. Last week he "discovered" leaves, and that they fly in the breeze when you throw them into the air.

(Below) Here's Sean playing on the steps. He loved being outside. (It was a pretty mild day, also, which is why they all were just in sweaters.)

(Above) I tried to get the boys to sit still so I could capture them together, but they wouldn't look into the camera. Behind them is Smith Mountain Lake. We are atop the party deck on Kate's pier.

And, as I promised, here are some pictures of the house I covet. This is the back side that faces the water.

And here is a side view of the house. Note the lake in the left half of the picture.

Not to change the subject, but I do have so good news: my new camera has been purchased and should be arriving here any day now. That means MORE PICTURES. BETTER PICTURES. MORE POSTS! I'm pretty excited! I'm getting a Fuji Finepix S5100. (Oooooh!) Also, I received my stitch markers from Arlyna's Closet. Did I mention them? I bought them two or three weeks ago. They came all the way here from CHINA!! I absolutely love them! When I get my new camera, which should be soon, I will post pictures of them. Why am I waiting for my new camera before I take the pics? Well, using the Olympus is just a big hassle now, as the zoom isn't working properly, and the battery door won't stay shut, which means it has been cutting out in the middle of taking the picture. I'd rather just wait. I will use this camera just one more time--to take a picture of the new camera. Think of it as a "Change of Command." (For those of you who have never served in the military, it's a ceremony where one commander is honored, then "passes the torch," so to speak, to the one taking over his job.) I feel it will be an appropriate way to retire the old, and bring in the new!

Okay. That's enough for now. When I get those pictures from Anne, I'll post them. (She actually took pictures of the important things, like the turkeys.) More to come...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I can't spend too much time here today. I've got laundry to do before we leave tomorrow for Kate's house. I did want to share some stuff, though.

First off, I've been working on a Christmas ornament for my husband's stepmom, Anne. She is crazy for Santa, and has an enormous collection of the Jolly Guy. I dabble a little in polymer clay, so I made her a Santa last year (which, sadly, I don't have a picture of.) He wasn't that handsome. He was lumpy. She still accepted him with a smile, but I'm not sure she was so impressed. So...I made her another one. Santa is a pretty fun subject matter. Also, she's so cool that I think she deserves the effort. So here he is.

Here is a picture of him hanging by his ribbon loopy thing:

...And, I am knitting. Right now I'm just working on a boring scarf for my oldest. I have to crank those out, as it is getting mighty cold here!

I'll be back next week with pictures of my vay-kay, and hopefully some FOs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Guess What?

I stepped in a hair ball this morning before my first cup of coffee. I had to clean it up. (For those who don't have cat's, hair ball is just a fancy word for cat throw-up.)

But, that is not important! Today is a special day! Drumroll, please...

I finished that capelet I told you guys about!!!! Yay! It's a little snug, and emphasizes my boobs...But it fits!!!!!!!!!! Okay, here it is:

And here is a picture with me wearing it. (I'm sorry about the flash, but it was either I take the picture in the mirror, or struggle for a half an hour, trying to get an adequate one by pointed the camera at my breasts.)

Well, I guess it's good there is a flash. I haven't "put on my face" yet. :)

Do you remember when I said I made all my first mistakes on my first knitting holder? I spoke a little too soon. Here is my latest attempt at sewing a functional piece of pretty.

It starts out okay. The colors are a little much. My friend Shon and I agree that it would've worked if I left the pink out, just making it brown and blue.

Open it and...

Just take a look at that sloppy craftsmanship. My lines aren't straight, and I haven't gotten the hang of sew ribbon yet. (I can't keep it from puckering.) Maybe I need to take it a little slower. My next sewing project will be a coin purse. How's that? I can't mess up a simple little bag, can I?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Inside of the needle holder. Posted by Picasa