Thursday, November 17, 2005

Guess What?

I stepped in a hair ball this morning before my first cup of coffee. I had to clean it up. (For those who don't have cat's, hair ball is just a fancy word for cat throw-up.)

But, that is not important! Today is a special day! Drumroll, please...

I finished that capelet I told you guys about!!!! Yay! It's a little snug, and emphasizes my boobs...But it fits!!!!!!!!!! Okay, here it is:

And here is a picture with me wearing it. (I'm sorry about the flash, but it was either I take the picture in the mirror, or struggle for a half an hour, trying to get an adequate one by pointed the camera at my breasts.)

Well, I guess it's good there is a flash. I haven't "put on my face" yet. :)

Do you remember when I said I made all my first mistakes on my first knitting holder? I spoke a little too soon. Here is my latest attempt at sewing a functional piece of pretty.

It starts out okay. The colors are a little much. My friend Shon and I agree that it would've worked if I left the pink out, just making it brown and blue.

Open it and...

Just take a look at that sloppy craftsmanship. My lines aren't straight, and I haven't gotten the hang of sew ribbon yet. (I can't keep it from puckering.) Maybe I need to take it a little slower. My next sewing project will be a coin purse. How's that? I can't mess up a simple little bag, can I?


Tara said...

Your capelet turned out really nice! What yarn did you use?

Christina said...

I don't remember the name exactly, but I want to say "Dream" was somewhere on the package. It's mostly acrylic, but I think there are some animal fibers mixed in. (My hair not included.)