Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bread, Glorious Bread!

I've been doing a little...baking. I wanted to try my hand at bread, and I was pleasantly pleased with the results! Now, in the picture they look a little burnt, but they're not. (My counter also looks a little yellow, when it is supposed to be white.) It's my camera. My crappy, broken camera. (And bad lighting.) Anywho, the bread tastes great, and really wasn't all that hard to make. It just needed a little time...(bad joke coming) rise to the occasion! (Har har har!) But seriously, bread baking is not back breaking. It really isn't all that complicated, either. Just takes some patience. If anyone is interested, in making this, it's called Challah Bread. (Go ahead, click the link. You know you want to.) Be warned, though, while this recipe isn't difficult, it is very time consuming. Expect to be hovering around the kitchen all day!

Okay, so I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking lately. You're probably wondering if I even knit anymore. I do. I took a few days off on account of my fustration with the stupid winter sets I'm making. (Boy, they are really pissing me off!) So, I'm taking a break from two-tone hats and scarves, and I am starting that sweater I said I was going to make for my boys. So far, it's going well! (This is the back.) I'm using some boucle I bought at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. It comes in this GIANT skein, and, yes, it's acrylic, but no, I don't care. It's going on my son, who is going to spill a million different sticky things on it, so it needs to be washable. (And I really don't have to explain myself to you.)

Oh, I registered at the Elann and to my great surprise, they sent me a little something in the mail...
Nice, huh? Of course, if I want to keep receiving the strand samples, I have to pay $20 a year. Not bad, I guess. What really impresses me, though, is their prices. They are very reasonable!

Well, kids, that's what's going on with me. Food and fun! And cleaning. (Oh, do you remember that giant pile of laundry that was taking over my life? Well, it is almost gone. Of course, now comes the slacking. In a few weeks it'll be monsterous again! ...No, no, I promise to keep on top of it.) And the holidays are approaching. (In retail time, the holidays are already here!) I'm so psyched for Thanksgiving! We are going to see my husband's father, I John just told me yesterday that they are having Thanksgiving at his Aunt Kate's. She live in Smith Mountain Lake, VA. She lives on a mountain and has her own pier off the lake. I'll take lots of pictures because this woman's house (and property) is amazing. I get green with envy everytime we visit there. (She has two, count 'em, TWO kitchens in her house! I only have one, and it sucks!) You'll see. You'll be sick with jealousy, too.

Alrighty. That is enough yammering for today! Have a great day, all!


Genia said...

Not only do you read my blog, but you're not really that far from me either!

Got a non knit related question for you. When you made your bread (which is quite lovely!) did you use bread flour or regular flour?

Thanks much! Perhaps we can meet up sometime.

Christina said...

I used all purpose flour. The recipe called for bread flour, but I went to the Cook's Thesaurus ( and the website said all purpose could be used, but more flour would need to be used (two tablespoons for every cup.) I actually ended up not needing the whole 6 cups called for, so I guess it all depends.