Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday morning...

I've been sick. I think I mentioned last week that the boys were sick. Well, it finally caught up to me last week. I had a cold, which was annoying, but was not as bad as the backache that accompanied it. I spent a few days doing nothing. I think I deserved it. I feel 100% now, so back to the ole grind. What's on today's agenda? Laundry, laundry, laundry! I am so behind that it is down right embarrassing! I have so many clothes to wash, in fact, that I know unless I poof up two additional washing machines, I'll never finish! I like to compare it to painting a suspension bridge: by the time you finish, you have to start all over again. (If the analogy is lost on you guys, I apologize. If you'd like, I'll reference Sisyphus [of Greek mythology] and his endless task of pushing the boulder up a hill...c'mon, you know that one, right?) Anyhow, you get the picture. I'll never finish. I just don't understand how I have so many dirty clothes! There are four of us, and my husband pretty much has the wardrobe of a hobo, so where does all the laundry come from???? I'd post a picture of my mountains o'filthy laundry, but as I said, it is embarrassing. So instead, let us focus on the happy. Take a gander at my current project...
It is a hat! I'm dabbling in some Fair Isle knitting and...I L O V E I T ! ! ! This is my own design. After I complete it I will write up my first pattern and first chart. I could say this is my first attempt at Fair Isle, but a few days ago I made this same exact hat, only I made a ton of mistakes. So I frogged it. This time, with a little more planning, it is turning out exactly how I want. Hopefully it will be the right size for my toddler's head. The first one was too small, which was the main reason I tore it apart. No harm, no foul, though, as this hat is a pretty quick knit. I'm almost finished. Maybe I will finish both winter sets before it gets too cold.
Incidentally, it is getting chillier out. This entire week will be cool with highs in the lower to mid fifties. (You've gotta love that Mid-Atlantic Autumn!) But, I digress...

I would also like to report that I finished the first set of mittens. I'm not entirely happy with them. The next set will probably be better. The problem with this pair is sizing. Not only is one slightly smaller than the other, but they are extremely snug on my son's hands. The thumb is also too shallow. I considered ripping it apart and starting over, but since the color changes are in blocks, I wouldn't get a continuous strand of yarn, which I want to avoid. SOOOO, if I have enough yarn in these colors after I complete the hat and the scarf, I'll make new mittens. Until then, he'll just have to deal with it! Below is a picture of the finished mittens, accompanied by the nearly completed hat.

So, in case you guys were wondering, no, I have not started any sweater, nor have I picked a pattern yet. I feel it is best if I finished the winter sets first. I have to be strict--one project at a time! I'm terrible about taking on more projects than I can handle.

I thought I would give you guys a little update on the purse I recently finished. I'm using it. I thought I'd be selfish and keep it. It works great (it is the perfect size) and since it is felted, I didn't need to line it. I loved making the purse, so I'm sure I'll make more!

As I'm surfing other knitter's blogs, I've realized I haven't completed nearly enough projects! I was going to get a flickr account to display my FOs, but I don't have many! I have a ton of plain scarves, but that is about it. I need to get crackin', so I'll end this extremely long blog now. Have a great day!

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