Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Pics

Here is the view from Chimney Rock:

Here's a church in Asheville:
When we went to Greensboro, Bob and Anne took us to the park there, where we went on a boat tour and a train ride. The train seemed like a good idea until...

Do you know what a little choo choo does when the track is covered in geese? It slows down, but keeps going. I was sure a bird was going to get caught under the wheels and cause a derailment. <Shudder>

While waiting for the boat tour, I took a really neat picture of a dragonfly. Actually, Anne was targeting it first. Here it is, though:

I tried to take pictures while on the boat, but no such luck. They came out blurry. :-( Too bad, to, because we saw a crane and some turtles.

Here is my youngest, reluctantly smiling for the camera:

Here is Sean:

And, here is my kitchen:

How does it look? Would you want to live here? PLEASE! SOMEBODY BUY MY HOUSE!

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k is for krista said...

I LOVE the kitchen. It makes me want to bake. Welcome back. Good to hear from you again!