Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yay! I have a WIP to Share!

And here it is!

Can you guess what it'll be? Here's a clue: those dangly things on the bottom are legs, and the those pieces that look like thumbs are arms. Give up? It's a bunny! It is from my favorite knitting book, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which, if you remember, is the one that I borrowed from the library and fell in love with. I finally bought a copy of my own. Now I can love it forever. (Mwah ha ha) Here's a close up:

The thick yarn is Wool-ease. The thin feathery looking one is a cheap-o target yarn that I bought for a dollar a ball. It's cheap, but super soft. I'm making the bunny for my niece. She's going to be visiting me (with my baby sis) in two weeks! I'm soooooo excited!!!

Other stuff....

Guess what? I have a 1950 Singer Sewing machine. Well, let me back up, first.

Last year, my mom's aunt (my great aunt) died. She collected everything. My mom and dad recently made a trip up to Long Island (where my aunt lived) because the will is finally started to get settled. (Yes, a year after she passed.) So my mom brought a bunch of antiques to my house for safe keeping. I live half way between my great aunt's house (in Long Island) and my parents (Mississippi.) Sooo, I have all this cool stuff in my house, a lot of which my mom's just going to give me. She figures, she'd rather give it to me now, rather leave it in a will. Scary to talk like that, huh? She's young and hardy, though, so I don't think she's going anywhere for a long time.

Well, I'll get right to it...this is my sewing machine!!!!

It's still super filthy, despite the fact that I have already wiped it down once. Ain't it purdy, though? The best thing--it still runs. I just needs some replacement parts and a good, deep cleaning!

My mom also found knitting and crocheting stuff in the house. She didn't bring me back the yarn, but she brought me a tin filled with crochet hooks and a completed doily. Unfortunately, the doily is ancient and falling apart. It was probably made by my great grandmother's. (I told you, my aunt saved everything!) I don't have a picture yet, but I'll post one later.

I also got an old camera out of the deal. It's an Ansco and it uses 620 roll film. It's the type of camera that has the view finder on the top. I'll take a picture of that, too. I plan on ordering film for it. :) I know I can find the film, but will I be able to find someone to develop it for me?

I'm so excited about this stuff, though. I love history and antiques! I plan on passing this stuff down to my kids.

Oh, oh! And I'm not bragging, but I am supposed to get an upright piano from her estate. I used to love that piano. Sometimes she'd let me play it. My parents have no use for it, so they are giving it to me. Again, I will love it forever.

That's all I have for now. Tomorrow I have my interview for the manager position. I'll probably be posting afterward on how well, or how bad, it went. Wish me luck!!


Tara said...

Buenas Suerte!! Interviews can be the most nerve wracking, stress inducing events!
Your sewing machine is go-jus.
I am dying for one.

Christina said...

Once I clean her up she'll be beautiful! I seriously wiped her down, though, and their was so much dust (probably decades worth) that most of it hovered in the air above it, then gently landed back where it was.

It came with a stand, too. (You really can't see it in the picture.) I should take a pic of it because there is a little drawer in the front that still has--gasp--thread in it! Woolworth brand, which is priced "5 for a dollar." (Okay, I'm done bragging now.)

Yeah, interviews...I haven't had one of those is a while. I know I am getting the promotion. All my managers are putting in a good word for me. I'm just bad at talking to strangers, and this guy will be a stranger to me! Also, there's that whole, "my-life-will-change-as-I-know-it" thing that I'm dealing with...