Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Double Standard

I must have missed the fine print in the Constitution that says freedom to assemble and freedom of speech are only granted to some. Was there an asterisk somewhere? A side note?

The tea parties of last week were ignored or criticized--no, villainized. (What the hell was up with Jeanine Garofalo? Does she hear the crazy coming out of her own mouth?) Miss California, when asked a difficult question, gives an honest answer, and gets publicly bashed for her beliefs. (Very classy, Perez. Using slander to garner support for gay marriage? Well played.) If you disagree with the tea parties, or Miss California, more power to you! Disagree, but don't stifle those that don't share your beliefs. What I have seen on the news is not a difference of opinion, but personal attacks against those with a more conservative ideology.

On a related note, you can expect me to be at the next Tea Party.

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