Thursday, September 29, 2005

Currently...Cameras, Mittens, Misbehaving Boys and Fall

I'm still getting the hang of this, so bear with me!

Today I fetched my camera out of the car and took a picture of my current project. I learned a less today: My camera, which was top of the line in 2001, is now a piece of crap...And, apparently, broken. (It has been dropped a few times...) Luckily, my husband will be buying a new camera for Christmas. Hopefully I'll be opening that present early.

After snapping this picture, I ran over to the computer to post it. I turn around, and for the second time in two days, my youngest son, Aaron, pulled the needles out. So, again, I had to put the needles back in the quickly shrinking loops. (It's never easy.) I did a rush job, so for the next round I'm going to be fixing each loop as I go along.

He's watching "Dora," now, and all it quiet in the living room. Ahh!

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic like I do, Happy Fall! We've enjoyed a few chilly mornings this week, and today is just dreary, which is good.
We need the rain, and I need Autumn! Fall is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of year. (Followed by winter.) I'm Navy brat, and have always lived in the South, such as Mississippi (Pass Christian, featured on GMA, is my "home town"), South Carolina, and Puerto Rico, which is not really considered "The South," but hey! When I moved to Maryland, I was awestruck by the change of seasons. In Mississippi we have Summer and...well, Mississippi winters are more like Autumn, but without the beautiful red, orange and yellow trees.

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