Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Alright. I'd show you my progress on the lacy shrug, but you know what? My batteries are dead in my camera. It doesn't matter, anyway. I was going to be a smart ass. I was going to post the 6--count 'em, SIX--rows I have completed. But, Christina! I thought you were further along than that! AGHHHH!!!! I was, but you know what? The pattern for this adorable shrug is....AGHHH!!! I finished over half--maybe even 2/3 of the right side when suddenly the pattern became...confusing! Here is an excerpt: "Shape Lower Front At beg of RS row, [bind off 2 sts] once, then [ssk] 16 (19) times. At the same time, work even on other edge for back, maintaining established pat. Shape front neckline Continuing to dec at lower edge, when there are 26 (32) rows from row-counting marker, on RS work across to center marker and turn...." What really gets me is the shaping of the lower front. I just don't understand it! Am I supposed to do all of this in the same row, or is it to be spread out over the next twenty rows?! I'm so CONFUSED!!!!! I really thought I was a big shot. Well. This pattern has humbled me. I ripped out the same few rows and re-knit them many times before frogging the whole damn thing. Maybe, by starting over, this will make more sense by the time I get to that point. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere before I got to that point, that made the directions make less sense. If anyone has had this problem, PLEASE tell me what to do! I think the ssk's are supposed to be spread out over the next 19 RS rows. I just don't want to get a whole side done and find out I did it wrong. AND, quitting is not an option, as I have completely fallen in love with this shrug. :( I can't stop now.

Anyhow, other than that, my hubby and I have been charging steadily towards completion of our home remodeling. The goal is to put it on the market after we get back from visiting family in two weeks. We still have one MAJOR room to paint (the largest in the house) and one smaller room, plus two stairwells. Sounds like a lot, but really, it isn't. The pain in the ass will be moving everything away from the walls in the living room to paint...and keeping the boys from licking the latexed walls. We also have a lot of molding to put back up. We are very close to being done. Then we can GET OUT OF HERE!!! HAHAHAHA! (I hate this townhouse.)

Next week, for the Independence Day Holiday, my family is visiting my husband's dad and his step mom, Anne. Have I ever mentioned them? I love them. They are so much fun. I'm a little anxious, though, because there will be others there, and I'm not too good with crowds. I have a mild social phobia. I told my husband I would remain positive, not paranoid. I just always feel so out place. Anyhow, I'll take pictures and share them. It should be a good time. Hopefully. If I can quell my neurosis.

Well, that's all I have. I vented. I feel better. I forgot one thing, though. I sat on my bamboo I have to go on? One of them is a little...cracked. I'm really upset, because they are brand new. Maybe I can reinforce it with a little wood glue? It isn't that bad. (Okay, now I'm done ranting.)


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k is for krista said...

I'm not so hot with crowds either. Best bet is to pick out one person and stare at them constantly. It will give you a feeling of solitude, and people will think you're crazy and stay away from you. Two birds with one stone! Sorry about the shrug...I have no clue!