Thursday, June 08, 2006

I started to knit...

...but then I got frustrated. The yarn I chose didn't work well with my smallest needles, making my stitches very loose. :-
I do have some news. I should be moving at the end of the summer. Why does this matter? I'll tell you why. Leaving this state will require me to leave my job. (Yes, the one that I wanted the promotion so badly.) If I leave my job, I plan on staying home for a while with my boys. I feel like I never see them anymore. And I have no time for me. So, it'll be a good thing...unless I change my mind AGAIN. I'm very good at that. I hate change. That is why I'm not adapting so well to my new responsibilities at work. Unfortunately, this means I won't be adapting so well to not working. AGH! It is very difficult to make me happy. (So my husband says.)

Anyhow, that will come later. I'm looking forward to it--for now. We'll see.

Since I have no knitting pictures, here's one of my youngest boy. This was taken a few months ago when my sister came to visit and we went to the National Zoo.

And here is a picture of my niece, Lucy:

And, my sister, Mandy:

One more--my baby, Aaron, and me:

Yeah, there were animals there. Their pictures just didn't make it to this post! (Uploading is taking waaayyy too long.) BTW, that's an old picture of me. My hair is much shorter.

Well, more posts later. I have to work from 1 o'clock this afternoon until 11:30 tonight, so I should probably try to get at least something done before I leave!

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Jenn said...

What a cutie your baby is! :)

And your short hair is still looking good! Hope you like it!