Thursday, June 22, 2006

Say hello to my little friend...

Do you remember when Mr. Potatohead was fun? My 3 yr old has gone Potatohead Crazy. Not only that, but he wants me to play with him. (This, apparently, is not a game to be played by one person.) I love Mr. Potatohead, but you know what? There are only so many seconds before he becomes boring. The most excited thing about the Potatohead Gang (there's three--man, woman and child) is whether or not they will have smiling teeth, or poking out tongues. My son loves it, though. :)

So, I ran out yesterday and bought some yarn for that project I talked about yesterday. I chose Peru DK Luxury, which is a Merino, Alpaca and silk blend. Nice! Okay, I know this is going to make a child's shrug, which will undoubtedly get dirty again, and again, but I am committed to this project. I'll hand wash the darn thing!

While I was out, I picked up a new book, "Knits from the Heart." Great book! I thumbed through it in the store and could definitely see myself completing many of the projects. There are the cutest, tiniest socks. I think they could be a good side project.

Anyhow, here is a picture of the Lace Shrug I'm making for my non-existent daughter:

I'm really enjoying this pattern, so far.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Potatohead is okay, but watch out if you suddenly get the urge to knit for him. He will not show any appreciation.