Friday, December 01, 2006


Okay, okay. I know Christmas is right around the corner and this is a time we are supposed to think of others while strolling the stores, but I couldn't resist. Did you know that Tuesday Mornings carries yarn?(!) I didn't, but now I do! So, I bought some...six balls and four hanks. I know! I have a problem. In my defense I have two things to say, though: 1) I haven't bought yarn in months; 2) I plan on making gifts for others with the yarn I have purchased. I still feel really guilty about my spending today, though, so I stashed the yarn in the secret drawer of my night stand. See? Well, no you can't, can you? For some reason I'm not able to post pictures, nor can I comment on other blogger blogs. Boo-phooey! Oh well. I guess you guys'll have to wait 'til next time to see my secret stash.

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