Saturday, December 02, 2006

So long, Blogger!

I'm fed up with blogger. Everytime I go to leave a comment at other blogs, I get errors. Now, when I try to upload folders--nothing! I always have problems with blogger, and I'm sick and tired of it! So, I'm moving my blog to typepad. Sorry for the trouble! Here is my new blog: Peachtree Knitter. It's new, so there isn't much there. Please bookmark it and I promise new and wonderful things! (And actual knitting content!) Also, I'll try to connect with other Atlanta knitters, hence the new name, "Peachtree." (If you lived in the ATL, you'd know that almost every other road begins with "Peachtree." It can be very confusing at first!) AND, since I'm now paying for my blog (whereas blogger was free) you can bet I'll be using it on a regular basis!! So meet me at typepad!

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