Monday, July 13, 2009

(Finally) The Fourth of July Post

It's a little late (okay, a lot late), but here is it is--what we did for the Fourth of July. (Jekyll Island show-and-tell is going to be later...)

As I've mentioned before, we spent our nation's birthday up at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, at my husband's step mom's sister's house. (We just call her "Aunt Kate.") She lives in a BEAUTIFUL house on a lake, and we are always excited to visit--Not just because she has a cool house and a private dock--she's pretty cool, too!! :-)

At any rate, it was my family (John, me, Sean, Aaron and Maggie), Grandpa Bob and Grandma Anne (John's dad and step mom), Tim and his girlfriend, Danielle (Tim is John's brother), and Kate. Great group of people to spend Independence Day with!

While we were there, we spent a lot of time in the lake. Below, Grandpa is wading in the water with Aaron and Maggie.

Kate has a lot of carp living under her dock. Here, she fed the fish with Aaron and Maggie.

Maggie shared some triscuits with me...

John's dad rented a party boat for us on the 4th.

The kids were a little...apprehensive.

Eventually, they started to have fun.

...and relax.
Aaron even went tubing with Uncle Tim.

Those are Uncle Tim's feet.

There were many, many more pictures, but it takes so long to upload and rearrange the pictures on here, you'll just have to go to my flickr album to see the rest.

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