Friday, July 17, 2009

Jekyll Island (last of the "vacation" posts!)

First of all, my Jekyll Island photos can be viewed here. Too much hassle uploading them all to blogger!

Second of all, I posted a ton of pictures on my other blog, in case you were interested!

We had a lot of fun at Jekyll Island, but things definitely didn't go as planned. First of all, we had planned on camping--rain prevented this. We ended up having to spend money on a hotel.

Downside? Expensive. Upside? We were right on the beach and could see the ocean from our room's balcony.

Since we were planning on camping, I had packed a ton of food to cook by campfire. Since we no longer had a campfire, that idea went out the window...but not before we tried to do some cooking at a picnic site. Again, we were very close to the beach (it's hard not to be on an island), but, alas, it rained. On our picnic. After we had already started to burn our small $6 bag of charcoal. Sooo, we waited it out. Luckily, it only lasted a few minutes....but then the wind picked up. A stead wind, which blew so strong it swept the mustard off my hot dog.

That was the last day we cooked out.

So, it was over priced restaurants the remaining days. We spent a fortune on just a few meals. That is a major downside to eating on an island.

While it did rain while we were there, it wasn't a sustained rain. It would rain for a few minutes, followed by long periods of slightly cloudy skies with brief peaks of sunshine. We were able to sight-see and even swam in the Atlantic Ocean.

By far, the highlight of my trip was a surprise encounter with some dolphins. I was walking the beach with my kids, when suddenly, some dolphins broke through the water in the distance. They swam closer, so close that if I were to jump into the water, I could swam to them. I shouted excitedly, "look kids! Dolphins!!!" They were so close! Such a great photo opportunity! I reached for my camera--and it wasn't there. It was back in the hotel room, in my husband's cargo pocket. :( What a fish story, huh?

Oh, and, I got pinched by a crab while swimming. Made my toe bleed! Damn crabs.

Well, that's it! That was the Jekyll Island vacation!

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