Friday, September 11, 2009

Mermaids, Workshops, and Bone-heads.

I am still tinkering away at the Mermaid art quilt. One more step down. I have traced all the different elements onto iron-on adhesive. (For added durability--and to prevent my edges from unraveling!) I'd been in my workshop right now, except that there are two strangers up there, fixing my water heater.


Did you catch that? I'd be up in my workshop? I CLEANED IT!!!!!! It is a fully functional studio now!!! There is only one little problem left, though, which needs to be addressed. Well, it's in a bonus room above the garage. (That's not the problem.) It is in a room that is hot in the summer, cold in the winter. There is a duct going into the room, but either it is blocked, or just not enough--whatever the case may be, the room is not climate controlled. So, I need to get a fan to keep it cool during the afternoons (when the sun is BLARING), and I'll just have to bundle up during the winter. At any rate, even as I marvel at it's awesomeness, I know in a few months it will no longer be mine, and I'll have to find a new place to house my stockpile of supplies. (We're renting the house we are in, and plan on buying a new house in the spring.) It will all work out though, and for now, I will enjoy what I have!....and I'll post pictures next week. For obvious reasons (the men fixing the water heater) I can't take pictures now.

I do have other photos, though. Since Halloween is at the end of next month, and because I found it as I was straightening my things, I am listing this funky quilt I made a while back. It is available for sale at my shop, for anyone who is interested. (I'll knock off 10% if you buy it and say you saw it here! But, shh, don't tell anyone else!)

(Click for the listing!)

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