Thursday, November 16, 2006


It's been a long time, but I'm finally back. Where was I? Well, to hell and back...okay, I'm exaggerating. I haven't been to hell. It's been a very eventful summer (and early fall).
We sold the house!! Unfortunately, my husband had to start his job (in Atlanta, GA) before we received an offer on it. I spent some time with my mom and dad in Asheville, NC while we waited for "closing day." I had a lot of adventures during my stay there, and took lots of pictures. I'll devote a post to Asheville another time.

After we closed on the house, we moved down here to Alpharetta, GA, which is right outside of Atlanta. I LOVE it here! We're living in an apartment right now, which I DON'T love, but we signed a short lease so that we can settle down in a new house a few months from now.

I have never lived where there is SO MUCH SHOPPING!!!! I don't know exactly how many malls are in this area, but so far I've counted eight. I know there are more. As for shopping centers, I have no clue. Each neighborhood seems to have a few different shopping centers. There is a yoga studio on every corner, and so many restaurants that I could probably eat out every night for over a year without going to the same place twice. Now, I understand this would be hell for some. While I recognize land has to be cleared for all these shopping centers and malls, the consumer in me still delights in the fact that I have a Target within walking distance from my apartment. Well, I love this area, and the conveniences it offers. When I lived in Frederick, we only had two really tiny malls, and only a handful of restaurants. We had to travel thirty minutes for good shopping. It's nice to have a variety of places so near. I'm sure it'll get old, but for now, whoopee!!

I've been here in Alpharetta for almost a month, but this is my first week without visitors. My parents visited the first weekend, followed by my best friend from NC, who spent over a week here. Just as she left, I became deathly ill--no lie!--and my parents rushed back down to take care of the kids while I recuperated. It's been constant company here! They are back in NC, though, and I'm definitely feeling better. BUT. My kids are sick now and seem to keep passing the same bug back and forth. If it's not vomit, it's diarrhea. I know. Gross. This has been the trend for the past week, though.

It all started with my guests, I guess. They had colds. The boys then got colds. My husband got the cold. Then, I got food poisoning combined with severe dehydration that sent me to the emergency room (by ambulance, no less!) Then, when my husband brought the boys by the hospital, my youngest started to get sick. Since then, both my boys have taken turns "christening" my carpet. I think my youngest is finally back to normal, but now the oldest has the runs again. Oh, and now I have that cold that has been passed around. AGGHH!

By the way: Water = good. Dehydration = bad. I NEVER, NEVER want to be that sick again. There is nothing like the feeling of your body completely shutting down! My poor husband...he was terrified! I'm all better now, though.

So, that's just some of the craziness going on here. I finally have Internet, and guess what? I have MY OWN computer now! My husband bought me a laptop so I wouldn't bother him so much. Yay!

As for knitting, I'll be honest--I haven't done any. I've finally been reunited with my stash, though, and my fingers have been itching to do some knitting. Now, I just have to get this apartment in order so that I can knit without feeling bad about the stuff I should be doing. (Like tackling the disaster area that is my sons' room.) This place is a wreck right now.

And there's my cue to leave! I've got a lot to do before fun can be had! Hopefully this post hasn't been too boring. Is there anyone out there still visiting my page? I've been gone so long...


Jenn said...

Welcome back to you too! I was wondering what happened to you! I figured it had to do with moving. Glad you're liking your new home. :)

del said...

ugh, I hate being sick & know how awful that feels! Glad you're better though. We have TONS of shopping & restaurants here, too, so it would make visitors think all we do is spend money & eat, LOL.