Friday, January 06, 2006

No new knitting...

...yet. I'm still working on the wrist warmers from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts," and I decided to do the stuffed rabbit from it, also. So, soon.

I haven't been knitting b/c I got a present...a game 360!!! (Yay!) And a game. Okay, you guys probably don't know this about me, and I'm a little embarrassed by it, but I am a little addicted to video games, so much so, that I avoid them. Why would I avoid something I love? I know what it does to a person. First, you lose hours and wonder how it's suddenly 2am in the morning. Next, you find yourself ignoring the twinge of pain in your bladder, telling yourself you can hold it just until you finish this last boss. Also, you lash out at family members as they beg for dinner, a cup of juice, or a diaper change. Yes, folks, its not pretty. I'm a geek...But I was reformed until my husband brought home the xbox 360. He also bought a game, which I beat in two days of (nearly) non-stop play. He's sneaky-sneaky, though, b/c it was a trick. The game console is there to distract me while he spends endless hours on his computer playing World of Warcraft. Online games like that are the crack of video games. Ever heard of a little game called "Everquest?" Some called it "Evercrack." My husband was addicted to that one, too. Most of the time, the affected doesn't realize they have a problem, or they become defense if someone tries to come between them and the game. It's all a very, very sad situation. By far, though, my husband isn't as attached as some gamers, who take whole weeks off of work just so they can stay in a dark room playing online with a million other strangers, most of which they will never meet. I personally hate online games. They scare me. And I don't play well with others. Enough about geeky persuasions. Back to the crafty.

I made another needle roll the other day. I decided to make a tutorial for Craftster. I'd post the address, but craftster is down right now. Here is the roll, though!
I'll post the address for the tutorial later, when craftster is back up. If anyone is interested in it, though, and they don't want to go to craftster for the info, let me know and I'll post it here. It's just huge and has a lot of pics, so I don't have the energy to post it again.


Tara said...

An XBOX!! I am jealous. I have to avoid video games like the plague, too. I haven't had a gaming system in 800 years, but I have been entertaining the idea of a gameboy. I find myself playing tetris on my phone and it sucks my battery like no one's business.

Christina said...

I have two gameboys. I grew up on nintendo (and earlier, atari) so my addiction started early. There's that new gameboy DS out. Also, playstation has the PSP. Horrid things, those damn game systems! Horrid, horrible fun game systems!

Jenn said...

The roll is gorgeous! Lovely fabric!

And I'm a gaming junkie too. The BF wants a Xbox 360 so very badly he plays the demo machine in Target everytime we go. He just feels he's too old to camp out for one and frankly I'm too lazy. I'm currently addicted to a PS2 disk that has old arcade games on it like Galaxian and Pacman and the like. I haven't played those in *years* so it's super fun. Oh and I wear out my phone battery playing Bejeweled all the time... :)