Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Guess what? I have a tutorial at Craftbits! I had posted on Craftster, a knitting needle roll I made for my friend, Shon. Someone from Craftbits saw it and asked if they could reprint it on their site. So, here it is, the Kimono Needle Roll! Woo hoo!

Alright, enough of that. I do have some pics to post, but, alas, I've been way too busy to knit. When I say busy, I mean I've been partying. I was invited out on Friday night to go out with a bunch of people at work, then on Saturday, my work held a party at Champion Billiards. I am so tired. On top of my recently busy social life, I got a new game for my xbox 360. (I know, the two should really cancel each other out.) My husband--I told you how sneaky he is--bought me the game "Gun" to keep me busy while he is online. I've been staying up late to play it, too. I am exhausted.

I took picture of my friends during the work party. Finally, you'll get to see some of the people I mention here. Here is the first picture:

From the left: Shon, Aubrie, me (greasy, chunky, and a little tipsy), and Danette. You know Shon, cuz I mention her often. Aubrie is a good friend of mine who frequently babysits my kids, and Danette is my newest friend. I recently made her daughter, Kennedy, a hat and scarf set.

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