Sunday, June 07, 2009

I got some mail yesterday!

I had two packages come in the mail today--one from Turkey and one from a fellow street team member here in Georgia. I want to do some proper advertising for both, so I'll post pics and links to each store tomorrow. Let me just say, though, I am impressed!!

Finished my little "Sweet Chair-ity" pillow. It turned out great! Tomorrow will be pictures of that, as well.

Also, John and I took our kids to see UP! yesterday. What a sweet, sad, happy movie! Loved it.

And, in other news, my six year old found his Nintendo DS. (Yay, Aaron!)

Today? Well, I NEED to go to the recycling center. It looks like I started my own center in my garage! (Note to self: try to go at least every other week!!) I'd also like to swing by the library. Alone. I'd prefer the bookstore, but money's a little tight until payday. None the less, I'm determined to spend an hour or so in a QUIET building, surrounded by sweet smelling books!

I hope everyone's Sunday is as peaceful as I intend to make mine!


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