Friday, June 12, 2009

Morning Rituals

The last few days I've been trying to start up a morning ritual with the kids--30 minute walk followed by playground time. I get exercise and my kids get to burn off that energy they can't in my yard. (My yard, which is not fenced, therefore, not safe for my oldest, who has special needs, and my youngest, who is not even two yet.)

We have been going to a park surrounded by a jogging trail, but I've found the park closer to me has a more scenic path!

We found this really impressive mushroom on an old stump:

We found another, not so cool mushroom, but I thought it deserved a pictures, as it look just like a stack of pancakes are sticking out the side of the tree. (Mmm...butter and syrup....)

There was a nice little creek running along the trail. At one pool we had seen some large frogs, but the frogs didn't like my noisy kids, so the disappeared before I could say, "cheese."

I thought this leaf was interesting. Do you suppose there are Italian caterpillars in Georgia?

Almost to the playground, the kids were excited to walk threw a little tunnel.

I was fascinated by the vines growing on the ceiling...

I also found some beautiful flowers to photograph around the tunnel:

And some pretty purple ones:

Finally, we made it to the park.

Maggie was with us the whole time, but out of site in a stroller. I can't leave without a photo of my beautiful girl, so here are two! :)

That's all for now. We're about to go out for another walk. Later, I'll post some pics of an upcoming project!

Have a great a day!


grace said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Julianne said...

How could you not be content strolling through there on a daily basis? Looks absolutely gorgeous.

How awesome is the Italy Leaf?! And those mushrooms! Beautiful.