Monday, June 08, 2009

Woohoo! Mail!

As I mentioned yesterday, I received two packages in the mail on Saturday.

The first was from Worthy Soy Candles.
The smell great! I haven't melted any of the tarts yet--had to take a photo of them--but I'm melting one of these suckers later! :)

The second package came from 1Dream. I ordered some very lovely bead caps!
They are huge! Love them, though!

Please visit the shops mentioned and check out their goods!


P.S. I'll be back later with my a new item going into the shop!


Lois said...

Erica's candles are the best!

Christina J. said...

Love the bead caps. I'll have to check out that shop.

Anonymous said...

I love Erica's candles and crotchet