Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumnal Breezes

Autumnal breezes
Bring lots of sneezes
I wish I had a colorful picture of changing leaves.
One of my trees out back has an orange leaf or two, but nothing impressive enough to post.
The weather has been chilly, though, and I'm starting to think about...
Aaron needs a scarf and hat.
I should make new ones for Sean, too.
And don't forget about Maggie!
(Hat, keyhole scarf and sweater for her...)
I'm not a summer knitter.
I just don't have it in me.

Before I do any knitting, though, I have to do school work.
My head hurts every day.
I get tension in my face that wraps around my head to my neck.
Yesterday, it was a pain (literally) to keep my head upright.
I decided to watch David Blaine in bed.
Then, I fell asleep.
(How did it turn out? Did he survive?)
My brother does magic.
Not as good as David Blaine, but he impresses me sometimes.
He wants to be David Blaine, or Kriss Angel.
That is his D R E A M.
(I hope you enjoyed this alternative post.
Everything should be written in the form of a
Even bad news.)
Government Bail-outs
Economic fear grips all
Golden Parachutes

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