Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Quick "Hello"

School is for fools...okay, not really, but that's how I feel right now.

It is 7am and I am drained. I haven't even started the day yet and I want to end it. I spent all day yesterday stressing out over an outline for a debate. Now I can turn my attention to a Field Observation essay I have to complete by...tomorrow. Not to mention, I haven't done any of my "regular" work for this week. Blah!

A little back story:

I'm going to school to become an Elementary Teacher. One of my classes this semester requires 10 hours of field time. I did my first on Tuesday. I helped out with work groups for my son's kindergarten class.

When I first decided to become a teacher, I didn't want to do Elementary. Then my oldest entered school, and I would love the atmosphere of the school every morning when I would bring him in. It brought back so many memories! Those first years of school were so exciting! But, I thought, I don't want to do kindergarten. I want kids who can read so I can share my love of books with them. (Originally, I wanted to be an English teacher.)

Well, I would like to say I was wrong. Kindergarten is GREAT! The kids were so cool! And how excited was I when some of the kids could read a few words! It dawned on me then, as they enthusiastically approached their work, and upon finishing the work, reached for books, that Kindergarten is where you begin to love school. It is the first year--the first impression! It is the year that sets the tone for the rest! And yes, you can learn to love books in that first year. It's only week four (0r five?) and the kids have learned a few words!

So, I feel better in my decision to do Elementary. What a wonderful time!

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grace said...

Go you! Drink lots of caffeine. That might help. A little. I think you'll be a great teacher!