Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another peek at the Princess

Still trying to shake the crabby. I'm about to take the kids outside. Maybe I just need some sun? And a glass of vino? I think that might just be what the doctor ordered. Fresh air and booze.

To the right is a peek at some more progress on my mini quilt. She is lovely, no? Once I bring the little darlings back in from playing, I'm going to try to finish her mouth. Then I will work on eye liner, eyebrows, and her upper lip.

Oh, and I bought a quilt showcase slot for tomorrow...then realized I only have two small quilts to offer. Maybe I'll have three, if I get her finished.

Also, I entered my Star-Spangled wrist band in a North Georgia Street Team contest. I might need some votes. More on that later, though, as the children are getting impatient.

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