Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Must. Get. Clean.

Summer Vacation. Day 2. Ready for Fall, already.

The house is a wreck, I have crafty things I would LOVE to do right now, if I weren't preoccupied by the sorry state of my house, and the kids are adding a lovely cacophony of noise to my already dumpy mood. (Kill me now.)

I'm trying the timer method to get my rear into gear. You set the timer for 15 minutes and devote your entire attention to the task at hand. Right now, I'm enjoying 15 minutes of online time. (I have eight left.)

I wanted to mention I joined a few groups. Check out their blogs! You can find links to wonderful Georgian artisans! One is the North Georgia Street Team, the other, Handmade Georgia. North Georgia Street team has a store here. Proceeds benefit various charities. In the future I plan to donate some items. I'll give a heads up here!

Also, real quick, here's an item I made:

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