Monday, May 04, 2009

Bread Baking

Last week of school! That means four tests this week, which sucks, BUT I'm not going to let it get me down. I'll take it all in stride and study as the tests dates draw near!

At any rate, I decided to do something fun today. I'm baking a loaf of bread. (Yeah, doesn't sound as fun out loud...) One of my goals for this summer is to master bread baking. It is something I'm not good at, at all! :) Just have to keep practicing!

I bought myself some yarn the other day (oh, my!) and am planning to start a small project. It might not sound very impressive, but I want to make some dish clothes. I have one I made a few years back, and it is my favorite dish cloth, if there is such a thing! I'd like to make a few more to go with it.

Also, I bought an apron pattern the same trip to the craft store. Another future project.

I can not wait!

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Brandie said...

Sounds like some good plans!! I have been making a ton of bread lately too! And also dishcloths (although for gifts!). And I was just thinking today I need an apron to wear when I am baking LOL! =)