Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the works

The sewing machine is a-humming again. I've planned another art quilt, one similar to "Lucy in the Sky."
Lucy was sold a while back, and as proud as I was to make that quilt, I intend to make this new quilt better. It sounds awful, but as an artist, my craft is ever-evolving. I don't mean to diminish my older work, but I learn from each project and take that knowledge to the next. So, as much as I loved Lucy (named after my niece, who was named after the Beatles song and the comedian, Lucille Ball), I know my next work (untitled as of yet) will be better.

Here is a sneak peak at what I am working on. The sketch is of the young lady I will be sewing, and on her eyes is the fabric I will be using for them.

As I work on this project, I'll continue to make smaller items. As fulfilling as the art quilts are, they take more time and a lot of work. I spend a lot of time on the details, after piecing the meat of the quilt together. All the facial details will involve some embroidery, and I like to add beads and buttons for texture.

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