Friday, May 29, 2009


There was a time when I had a few readers. An albeit small group--not very chatty, either. They were out there, though! Ah, those were the days...

What happened? First, I switched to Typepad. I wanted more control over the look of my blog, so I decided to take my business elsewhere. While at Typepad, I had some friends who would stop by.

Then, I got busy.

Real busy.

Too busy to blog, busy.

So, I got rid of Typepad because, why pay for a service I don't use? Of course, when you get rid of a Typepad account, there is no good bye post. You cancel it, it's gone! Just like that! Like it never existed.

Of course, I started to feel like blogging again. Almost immediately. So, I moved back to Blogger where they were keeping my old blog warm for me.

Unfortunately, I lost my readership. It was that easy.

So, are you looking for something to read? Do you like pictures of half-assed crafts? Do you like occassional psychotic posts in which I say things I'll regret later? Would it sweeten the pot if I were just a little drunk?

I would like some subscribers. You don't actually have to read my dribble. Just pretend. Just put me in your Google Reader, or whatever you use, and you will totally make my day.

I'm willing to bribe...Giveaway? Maybe? Think about it. Sleep on it. Just please, please, come back...

(rock bottom)

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